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Mystic Mog and the Exploding Tortoise is the sequel to The Cabbages of Doom.

Although a standalone story, it features several of the same characters and does follow on to some extent. Reading Mystic Mog first will give away some of the plot of Cabbages and spoil a few of the gags. Cabbages also has the advantage of being finished!

The Cabbages of Doom is available on the Kindle (Amazon), as an e-book (Lulu.com), or as a PDF.

A sample chapter (PDF) is available here.

This Blog

An early post gives a fuller description of the plan but the basic idea is to serialise the story on this blog, primarily as a writing aid and motivator. At least until the story catches up with the writing, it will hopefully be updated daily but the frequency may diminish nearer the end, depending on the time available for writing.

If arriving here for the first time, start at the prelude and work through the archive!


If you spot any glaring typos or continuity errors, please do point them out. I guess the other use (for me) for this blog is to crowd-source some editing!

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