Sunday, 28 October 2012

Chapter 13.3

The moon cast an eerie glow throw the building mist as two small horned quadrupeds crossed a field at the edge of Toby Ron Ken O’Bee’s land, accompanied by the faint tinkling of bells and Duke, the sheepdog.
  “Good luck,” the latter whispered to William as a fence came into sight ahead ahead. “I’ll wait here. I would come with you but...”
  William stopped and nodded. It was well known on the farm that Duke and Garth Jones had some bad history. The farmer had threatened to shoot Duke if he ever found him on his land again. Hopefully, the same would not apply to Toby Ron’s goats.
  “Don’t forget the electric fence!” Duke added, as a slight tug on William’s collar got him moving again.
  “I won’t,” he answered.
  “Let’s hope that Pan knows about electric fences,” he muttered to himself as his brother reached the boundary in question.

Chapter 13.4 ☛

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