Sunday, 16 December 2012

Chapter 15.4

Detective Inspector Ifan Rhys-Morgan stared at PC Rhys Thomas until the big man began to feel rather uncomfortable, then glanced back down at the report. Rhys-Morgan had spent the night in the station and not enjoyed a particularly long or restful night’s sleep. He blinked a few times to get the words back into focus. They still said the same thing.
  “Tommo?” he sighed.
  “Yes, Guv?” answered Tommo, staring at a spot on the wall a foot or so above his superior’s head, hands clasped firmly behind his back.
  “Why didn’t you enter the building through the large hole blown in the front?”
  “The Element of Surprise, Guv.”
  Rhys-Morgan nodded slowly. “I see. And The Element of Surprise necessitated knocking another hole through the wall, did it? You couldn’t have just broken a window or something?”
  Tommo shrugged. “All the windows were already blown out by the blast, Guv.”
  “Of course they were, Tommo.” He sighed again. “And you think this... squirrel... is the mastermind behind the whole operation?”
  “Caught him red-handed, Guv,” Tommo smiled proudly. “Using The Element of Surprise!”

Chapter 15.5 ☛

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